Misfits on a Mission, Finding Identity in Jesus

Past Events

Roots LIVE (Journey Together, Week 2 & MLK Day Celebration)

Join the misfits of Roots for our online worship gathering, Roots LIVE, as we continue in our Epiphany series “Journey Together.” This week, Pastor T. C. will share on the theme of “Community Discernment” from Acts chapter 15. Pastor Osheta will also lead us in celebration of the life and ministry of Rev. Dr. Martin…

Roots LIVE (Journey Together, Week 1)

Join the misfits of Roots for our Sunday online worship gathering (Roots LIVE) when and where we’ll kick off a new Epiphany series called “Journey Together.”


Join the misfits of Roots for an online worship gathering to commemorate Epiphany. You can interact live on the church’s Facebook Page or you can watch the live broadcast here.

At-Home Liturgy (First Sunday After Christmas)

This Sunday, we will celebrate the birth of Jesus at home using a liturgical guide by A Sanctified Art following the theme “Those Who Dream.” There won’t be a Roots LIVE online worship gathering. Download and follow along with the At-Home Liturgy

Those Who Dream (Advent, Week 4)

Join the misfits of Roots for our weekly online worship gathering, Roots LIVE. This week is the fourth week of Advent and Pastor Osheta will be hosting and preaching. The theme will be “Those Who Dream Are Not Alone.” You can interact with the live broadcast on the Roots Facebook Page or you can tune…