Misfits on a Mission, Finding Identity in Jesus

Sunday Gatherings

As we continue to thoughtfully and cautiously navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we are hosting in-person, indoor gatherings again on Sunday mornings. On Sundays with inclement weather, we will host our worship gathering online, which we call “Roots LIVE“. Our interactive, live-streamed gathering can be joined either here on the church website or at the church’s Facebook Page. For in-person, indoor gatherings, no reservation is required, and they will also be live-streamed on Facebook.


Our approach to safety during this time is: 1. Medical science based; 2. Cautious; 3. Considerate of the vulnerable.

Masking is recommended and we use a visual comfort-level indicator. A Green sticker on your Name Tag means you are comfortable with hugs and/or handshakes, as appropriate. Yellow means you’d be more comfortable with less physical contact, like elbows bumps or fist bumps. Pink means something like, “You seem great, but I’ll just be waving from six feet away” :)


During our in-person, indoor gatherings, we want to make space for sharing and community input during the teaching portion of the service. So the sermon will be delivered via video during the week before the gathering. This provides more time for reflection before Sunday’s gathering. Dialogue questions will also go out in The Weekly, our email newsletter. (Sign-up here). Those questions will serve as the basis for dialogue around the tables on Sunday.

Kids Messages

One of the ways Pastor Osheta is serving the children of Roots is by creating a unique teaching experience for them at each in-person, indoor gathering.

If you have any questions about upcoming gatherings, please feel free to reach out to Pastor Osheta at: Osheta at RootsCov dot org