Misfits on a Mission, Finding Identity in Jesus

Sermons on Faith

David & Goliath

In this sermon, Pastor T. C. enlists the help of bestselling author, Malcolm Gladwell, to take another look at this very familiar story. Rather than seeing David as the archetype of an underdog who miraculously defeats Goliath who is the archetype of an indomitable foe, what if we saw clues in the text itself which…

Abraham-like Faith

In this sermon, Pastor Der teaches on Paul’s argument to the so-called ‘Weak’ and ‘Strong’ factions in the house churches of Rome about how both Jewish and Gentile disciples are justified by “faith” in the same way that Abraham was.

The Pilgrimage of Faith

Epiphany means “to make manifest.” This is a season in which the church celebrates the revelation of Jesus as Messiah and Lord of all people groups. In Matthew 2, this begins with the visitation of the Magi from the East. The journey of the Magi is an archetype of the journey of faith, which is…