Misfits on a Mission, Finding Identity in Jesus

Sermons by Osheta Moore (Page 5)

Serve Before You Speak

Pastor Osheta Moore continues our teaching series, “Love in Public,” with a message reminding us to that to carry out our justice ministry in the way of Jesus, we must have a posture of humility. Building upon an important section of her book, Shalom Sistas, Osheta’s message is entitled, “Serve Before You Speak.”

Worship & Hospitality

Osheta Moore wrapped up the Adore series on the corporate worship of the body of Christ with a message on Luke 7.36-50. In this story, Jesus is invited to the home of a Pharisee named Simon. While there, a woman who is rumored to live a sinful life lavished an expensive gift of perfume on…

Swimming Lessons, Week 7: Osheta Moore

Osheta Moore is a writer and podcaster, mother and wife, and international speaker on subjects of peacemaking and racial righteousness. She is author of Shalom Sistas: Living Wholehearted in a Brokenhearted World (Harold Press, 2017) and her work has been featured in spaces such as Sojourners, SheLoves Magazine, A Deeper Story, The Art of Simple, ReKnew, and Rachel Held Evans’s blog. You can…