Misfits on a Mission, Finding Identity in Jesus

Sermons on Psalms


Lament is a neglected aspect of Christian worship in the Western world and perhaps especially in the United States. In troubled times when it’s clear the world is not as it should be—God’s dream of shalom is disrupted—God’s people cry out to God on behalf of the vulnerable, the abused, the marginalized. Lament is an…

ReFind Church

“Church” might be the subject that evokes the most emotions for those “deconstructing/reconstructing.” Church is where the proverbial rubber meets the road when it comes to our faith. It’s also where flawed human beings steward the sacred mysteries of the faith. Church is the space where God’s Spirit inhabits our relationships in an unique way,…

Racial Justice

Building upon Dr. Brenda Salter-McNeil’s classic work, The Heart of Racial Justice, Der Lor preaches a challenging message on Racial Justice in our continuing teaching series: Love in Public.