Misfits on a Mission, Finding Identity in Jesus

Sermons on Mark (Page 2)

Love Your Neighbor

Jesus said the two-fold greatest commandment is to Love God and Love Your Neighbor as Yourself. Paul, writing before the Gospel traditions were written down, summarized this command with just Love Your Neighbor. First John helps us understand why: we can’t love God if we hate human beings made in God’s image. Paul also shows…

The Stories We Inhabit

This is the introduction sermon for the “Ears to Hear” teaching series on the parables of Jesus. We’re taking another look at these enigmatic stories with an ear toward what they might have to say to us today. Because we are not only daily being formed by the practices in which we participate, but we…

ReFind Church

“Church” might be the subject that evokes the most emotions for those “deconstructing/reconstructing.” Church is where the proverbial rubber meets the road when it comes to our faith. It’s also where flawed human beings steward the sacred mysteries of the faith. Church is the space where God’s Spirit inhabits our relationships in an unique way,…

The Politics of Jesus

This series on loving people in public brings up a controversial subject: Politics. In this message, Pastor T. C. teaches on the social vision of Jesus: the Kingdom of God, disabuses listeners of negative connotations associated with “politics,” and presents the politics of Jesus from the portrayal of his life in the Gospels.