Misfits on a Mission, Finding Identity in Jesus

Sermons on Genesis

Sunset by The Midnight

In this sermon, Pastor Der preaches on the story of Joseph and how it reflects the theme of God showing up for us when we things seem darkest. Like the song “Sunset” by The Midnight says, “it’s always darkest before the dawn.”

How to Say I’m Sorry

In Genesis 33, we read about the reconciliation of two brothers who became enemies. Esau and Jacob were twins who were very different. After Esau spurned his birthright giving it to Jacob for a meal, and Jacob cheated Esau out of their father’s blessing, Esau vowed to kill Jacob. But in Genesis 32 and 33,…

Swimming Lessons, Week 5: “Culture and Identity in Christ”

God’s redemptive mission began in earnest through the covenant cut with Abraham and his family who will become Israel. God was restoring the blessing and calling given to humanity in the beginning. God was restoring the shalom, the right-relatedness between God and humanity and between peoples. Right-relatedness was restored between Abraham and God through Abraham’s…