Misfits on a Mission, Finding Identity in Jesus


Pastoral Team

T. C. Moore, Pastor

I serve as pastor of Roots because I’m passionate about seeing lives transformed. This is my passion because my life was transformed when I was a teenager and God’s love rescued me from gang life. Since then I’ve served and led youth, young adults, and families in cities throughout the U.S., from Urbana, IL to New Orleans, and from Boston to Los Angeles. In New Orleans, I graduated from the School of Urban Missions and served on staff at Trinity Christian Community, a holistic ministry serving the Hollygrove neighborhood. In Boston, I graduated from Gordon-Conwell Seminary’s Center for Urban Ministerial Education (CUME) and started a mentoring program for at-risk youth. In LA, I served as a pastor of a multi-ethnic and multi-socioeconomic congregation that gathers near Skid Row. Wherever I’ve been called, I’ve endeavored to use my gifts to equip the church for transformative ministry in the local community. I love teaching, writing, and design. And together with Osheta, we parent our three children: Tyson (17), Terrence (14), and Trinity (13). We love seeing movies, playing board games, and exploring the history and cultures of cities.

Osheta Moore, Pastor of Community Life

Osheta Moore is a sought after speaker and the author of Shalom Sistas, a resource for women on everyday peacemaking. She’s currently working on her second book called, Dear White Peacemakers, on shalom and racial reconciliation. Although she’s a proud Texan, Osheta deeply loves living in Saint Paul. Her name is pronounced, “O-she-da” and so many people have asked if it means something. It doesn’t. Her dad just made it up. But if she were to go to “Urban Dictionary” and create a definition for my name it might say something like this: An ESFJ peacemaker who loves parties, people, and popcorn with red wine. A pastor who is convinced God has a sense of humor. In her role as Community Life Pastor, Osheta loves to plan gatherings for Roots Community, spend hours sitting at a coffee shop listening to faith stories, and making sure Roots feels like a family where all find belonging and every voice is heard. She’s also a Type-A personality that enjoys keeping the trains running on time.  She’s passionate about the discipleship of our younger members (toddlers, children, and youth),  racial reconciliation, peacemaking, and community development in the urban core. She’s an optimist cookbook reader, believes everything is better after a nap, and spends her days off at the library. At the top of her bucket list to ride in a hot air balloon.

Leadership Team

(from left to right) Kirsten Morissette, Juice Montezon, Natalia ONette, and T. C. Moore

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