Misfits on a Mission, Finding Identity in Jesus

Sixth Day of Christmastide

Sunday, December 30th, is the sixth day of Christmastide, the twelve day celebration of Jesus’s birth and the incarnation of love. Join us for a Christmas litany of scriptural responsive readings.

Pastor T. C.’s message this Sunday will be entitled “Beyond A Flannel Graph Christmas: Reframing the Story of Jesus’s Birth

Flannel Graph is that nostalgic and ubiquitous technology that infested middle-class, suburban Sunday School rooms just a few generations ago. Its sanitizing and domesticating effect on the powerful, politically-charged stories of the New Testament continues to haunt our retelling and subsequent enacting of their teaching.

To move beyond the Flannel Graph Christmas story, we must Decolonize and Re-Theologize the story. We must strip away all those influences that shroud the themes of justice, political power, and non-Western cultures and ethnicities. And we must re-invest the stories with their original, powerful mystery.

Join us on Sunday, 10am, 755 Prior Ave.