Misfits on a Mission, Finding Identity in Jesus

Roots LIVE (Forged Family)

Join other misfits for a live and interactive online worship gathering tomorrow morning at 10am. Pastor T. C. will be presiding and we will continue in our teaching series called “The Church as Forged Family” with a message entitled “Transforming Conflict, Part 1“. You can join by going to the Roots Facebook Page or here on the website.

What if the ‘church’ Jesus founded isn’t the institutions, the hierarchical structures, and the brands that people have been leaving for legitimate reasons? What if the ‘church’ Jesus founded is actually forged family?

In this series, we’re going to see that Jesus didn’t found a bureaucracy, he founded a family. And we’re going to see that being family for one another isn’t easy. It requires commitment and grit, but it’s also the way that God is remaking the world.