Misfits on a Mission, Finding Identity in Jesus

About Roots

Roots is an intentionally multiethnic community of misfits on a mission, finding identity in Jesus. We consider ourselves “misfits” because many of us don’t fit neatly into the categories that are set for us by the broader society. Many of us don’t feel like we fit neatly into set ethnic or cultural categories, nor do we feel “American” enough. We also don’t feel like we fit neatly into categories like “Conservative,” “Liberal,” “Progressive,” or “Traditionalist.” We often don’t feel “religious” enough nor “secular” enough.

When we look at the scriptures, however, we see Jesus taking misfits and forming them into a new people with a new passion and a new purpose. It’s in Jesus’s Kingdom where we belong; in following Jesus we find our most important identity.

Roots is a new church start (or “plant”) that is forming in the Hamline-Midway, Frogtown, and historic Rondo neighborhoods of St. Paul, MN. When we talk about “church,” we’re not talking about a building. Rather, we are talking about a people, a community that is seeking God, learning how to trust Christ, and experiencing new life in Jesus. We have been meeting since 2014. We would love for you to join us for a worship gathering or small group some time!


Our mission is to invite misfits to experience new life by becoming a new people rooted in Jesus, who passionately love God and purposefully seek the renewal of our city. (Colossians 3.1, Ephesians 2.14-16, Colossians 2.6-7, Mark 12.30-31, Jeremiah 29.7)

    • In Jesus, we become a new people.  We are no longer defined by who we once were or what we once did.  Trusting in Jesus, we are given new identities as beloved, adopted children of God.
    • In Jesus, we belong to a new family.  We are not alone.  We belong to a new multiethnic, multi-class, and multigenerational community where we have new siblings to journey through life with as we follow Jesus together. (Colossians 3.1, Ephesians 2.14-16)
    • In Jesus, we have a new passion: to commune with and love our Creator God who so passionately loves us. This passion drives everything we do from the extraordinary (like loving our enemies) to the mundane (like setting up chairs). (Mark 12.30-31)
    • In Jesus, we have a new purpose: to seek the shalom and healing of our neighbors, our enemies, our cities, and the rest of the world. We’re on a mission to partner with God in the renewal and restoration to all of creation. God heals us so that we can be a source of healing to our beautiful and yet broken world. (Jeremiah 29.7, II Corinthians 5.14-21)