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Why I Run

On Sunday, Michael Berry spoke about running with Team World Vision. Here, he shares why he runs and what you can do to be part of Team World Vision, whether or not you’re a runner.

I believe in the inherent value and worth of ALL human beings. I believe this value was prescribed at the point of creation, and I believe this worth is beyond measure. You may be wondering, what is the difference between value and worth? Generally, the terms are often used interchangeably. However, I distinguish these two terms like this:

Value is what we offer/add to the rest of the world. Some might think of this as “our usefulness,” such as the unique individual abilities we have each been given for the purpose of caring for, protecting, and preserving all other created things. Our extremely high value is seen from the very beginning in that God commissioned us to have “dominion/rule” over all of the earth (Gen. 1:26). We all share this responsibility equally as created human beings. Our value is objectively tied to the nature of who we are through our created purpose.

Worth is about how we are perceived by God, the only one whose perception truly matters. And according to our creator, who made us in his image and likeness (Gen. 1:26), we are “very good” (Gen.1:31). What we find when we look throughout scripture is that we can also say that we are worth loving, we are worth walking with, we are worth having communion with, we are worth having friendship with, we are worth being considered daughters and sons, we are worth sacrificing for, and we are worth dying for! God determined this on his own. In and of ourselves, we have no influence on what God has said we are worth to him. It is subjectively tied to God’s love for us; in other words, his choice alone is what gives us our worth. And if you don’t know your worth, check John 3:16.

I believe our value and worth are inherent. No matter the circumstance, they do not change! Ever! Because God doesn’t change.

I share this with you because as of right now, over 600 million people worldwide lack access to clean water. And the most impacted group by this crisis is kids. Every day, 1,600 kids under the age of five die because of it. That’s one child every minute dying because of they lack clean water!

When this statistic intersects with my belief, it becomes this: every minute, one child, whose value and worth God determined to be inherent and very good, is taken away from this earth. When more fortunate people like you and me do nothing about this, we fail to see that value and worth in them; even worse, many of the people living in these conditions end up leaving this world without ever seeing that God-given value and worth in themselves.

Unlike many issues we face in our world, this one is not complex; it has to do with our 3 most basic needs for survival which are oxygen, water, and food. Without these 3 things, we simply cannot survive. The good news: God’s love for us means he cares about ALL of our needs. Christ isn’t just a solution for our salvation, his love carried out through us is also a solution for everything that’s wrong in this world! We are his body! (1 Cor. 12:27) And by his spirit living in us, he is building his kingdom! With the hope and faith we have, we know this water crisis is big, but we know it is not an unsolvable issue. We can end the clean water crisis! And we can do it in our lifetime! Christ said that we can do greater things than he did while on earth if we believe (John 14:12). Do you believe this?

Team World Vision is an organization that is set on the mission of bringing people together all over the world to put resources into the hands of local leaders, innovators, and engineers, so they can create and build sustainable clean water systems in their communities where water has for too long been scarce, inaccessible, or unclean. We fundraise by running marathons and participating in other challenges. Roots Covenant Church has assembled a brave and bold team of people who will run the Twin Cities Marathon this year to raise funds for the efforts of ending this global water crisis. And if you believe in the same things we do—that based on inherent value and worth alone, kids should not have to go without this basic need—then joining Roots in this effort may be for you.

You can join us in three ways:

  1. Pray! Believe in God to do miraculous things through us and ask for it. Pray for each runner by name and pray for the lives of those living without clean water.
  2. Make a donation to one of our runners’ pages. $50 = water for life for 1 child. Will you support 1, 2, 3 or more kids? Would you make a $25 or more monthly contribution lasting until the race in October?
  3. Join the team! Send me an email @ mrayberry@gmail.comand ask what you can do to help multiply your impact through one of our events, or by creating your own.

One at a time, we are impacting lives for good! Is this something you’d like to be a part of? You can donate or learn more at the link below.


Thank you for your support,
-Michael Berry, Team Captain for Roots Covenant.