Misfits on a Mission, Finding Identity in Jesus

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The Politics of Jesus

This series on loving people in public brings up a controversial subject: Politics. In this message, Pastor T. C. teaches on the social vision of Jesus: the Kingdom of God, disabuses listeners of negative connotations associated with “politics,” and presents the politics of Jesus from the portrayal of his life in the Gospels.

Salvation by Allegiance Alone

We bring all of our selves to everything we interpret, including assumptions we have based on the influence of the cultures around us. When we come to this week’s text, Ephesians 2.1-10, many of us have been influenced by Modern, Western culture, which has conditioned us to understand the concept of “faith” as opposed to…

Finding Identity in Jesus

Today, many people are experiencing an identity crisis. Many of the labels and categories that have traditionally supported our identities no longer serve us well. People are searching for something solid, something real, something in which to be rooted. Ephesians chapter one is all about identity “in the Messiah.” Paul uses that phrase eleven times…