The leadership team serves Roots so we can be a place for misfits to find identity in Jesus. The leadership team is also guiding Roots through a transition as we seek a new pastor to lead Roots. We’d love to get to know you and answer questions or just let me know more about the Roots community. Contact us!

Roots Leadership Team
From left to right: Fred, Mindy, Melissa, Mai Joua, Jonathan, Dennis, Fue

Meet the leadership team

Jonathan Vang :

Jonathan Vang

My name is Jonathan. I really enjoy the heart of service that I have witnessed and experienced at Roots. I enjoy the feeling of being on mission together and the feeling that the church is a team. I have a passion for getting to know and spend time with my neighbors. My wife Mindy and I live in the Frogtown neighborhood along with about 10-15 wild squirrels that terrorize our garden in the summer. (Mindy’s also on the leadership team). Although I enjoy long walks on the beach, I prefer long walks exploring a mountain forest with my wife. I also enjoy conversations over board games, especially when I am winning. :)

Fue Thao :

Fue Thao

My name is Fue. I am a busy dad of four girls. Roots is more than just my church, it is my spiritual family. I know that my children are cared and prayed for by everyone. It is exciting to see where God will lead us and I am proud to be part of the leadership team to serve Roots.

Mindy Mattsen-Vang :

Mindy Mattsen-Vang

Hello! My name is Mindy. What I appreciate about Roots is that we truly value and practice community--with both the church community as well as with neighbors. I strongly believe in the vision of Roots and feel grateful to be a part of this spiritual family. My husband Jonathan and I live in the Frogtown neighborhood and don’t see ourselves leaving… maybe ever! There are many things that I am passionate about, but I’ll tell you my four J’s: Jesus, Justice, Jonathan, and Jazz!

Melissa Johnson :

Melissa Johnson


My name is Melissa.  At Roots, I appreciate the ongoing message that our identity in Christ is everything and sharing stories regularly of how God is at work in and through people’s lives — love that!  I’m excited to see a growing family of believers, desiring to know God and follow Him, be knit together through God’s incredible hand and timing. I’m excited to see the Roots vision continue to come to life! I am excited to see lives changed and for people to discover that it really is all about Jesus!

Dennis Johnson :

Dennis Johnson


My name is Dennis. I really appreciate that Roots focuses on  centrality of God and His word, and the truly caring community of friends. I’m excited to see what amazing things God has for the St. Paul Midway and Frogtown area and the people who He brings through our doors.

Fred Everson :

Fred Everson

I’m Fred, and I’m a “misfit” – so I “fit” reasonably well at Roots, where we are about being a community of misfits finding identity in Jesus. Seems to me that God is for diversity, of many kinds. The multi-ethnic and multi-cultural dimensions of Roots have attracted me since my first visit. I hope the range of our experiences, personalities, cultures, and creative engagements with our community and world keep growing/expanding… and that we keep recognizing how Jesus holds us together. Let’s eat, listen, learn, serve, create…