Misfits on a Mission, Finding Identity in Jesus

Our Mission

To become a new people rooted in Jesus, who passionately love God and purposefully seek the renewal of our city


Fellowship Sunday

During Phase Two (Refocus) of Refresh, our Sunday gatherings will have different emphases. Some gatherings will focus on strategic planning. Others will focus on fellowship. This Sunday, our gathering is focusing on fellowship. Join us at Newell Park for outdoor fun and games!


The Non-transactional Spirit

In Acts 8, there are two main figures on which the narrative focuses: Simon, the Sorcerer, and Philip, the apostle. In these two we see contrasted two approaches to Christian faith. One views faith as a transaction, a quid-pro-quo. The other views faith as a movement of the Spirit as a witness to Jesus. Transactional…

God’s Mission, Not the Twelve’s

Jesus instructed his Galilean disciples in Acts 1:8 to be his witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth. However, when the Twelve are slow to carry God’s mission beyond Jerusalem, God uses Hellenistic Jews Stephen and Philip (who were delegated for food distribution) to preach and evangelize in and outside of…

The Prophet and the Wonk

Today in the United States and in the American church, there are a lot of reasons for the church to speak truth to power like the apostles in Acts 5. This prophetic role is essential. We are allegiant to Jesus and his Way is our law, even if that sets us at odds with the…